Dietitian Abroad: South Korea Edition

This year my husband and I had the opportunity to travel to South Korea to visit some friends living and working abroad in Seoul. This was my first trip to Asia! In general, I’d describe Korean cuisine as a bit tangy, definitely salty, and slightly perplexing.. Some things I loved and wished they were easier to find in Denver… other things I had a hard time wrapping my mind around. In the end – I tried it all! Continue reading “Dietitian Abroad: South Korea Edition”

Dietitian Abroad: Greece Edition

Eat, travel, and relax can only mean one thing – another trip abroad. This trip was a little more special; It was actually a honeymoon with my husband! Greece had been on my travel list for years. The beautiful Aegean sea, notoriously healthy Mediterranean diet, and reputation as the birthplace of western civilization, created quite the appeal. Luckily, the hubby was on board for the adventure. Continue reading “Dietitian Abroad: Greece Edition”

Product Review: Mueller Spiralizer

Since following some new low-carb/diabetic-friendly feeds on social media, I’ve seen a lot of vegetable pastas. Not just wheat noodles made from spinach or tomatoes, but actual veggies cut into strands; the most popular being zucchini noodles, or zoodles. Interested in taste testing, I searched gourmet food markets without luck. Turns out, you can make zoodles at home with a kitchen tool called a spiralizer. Continue reading “Product Review: Mueller Spiralizer”