Nutrition Services

Nutrition is simple; so why is eating healthy so hard to do?

Navigating through a sea of food temptations can be treacherous without a strategy and some tools in hand. You wouldn’t jump into the ocean without first learning how to swim – yet why is it we expect ourselves to eat healthy without any help? Nutrition education can give you the tools to prepare healthy meals and take the first step in improving your overall health. The more you know, the easier it is to live life to the fittest!

Nutrition Counseling


Nutrition counseling is part of a therapeutic approach to treating medical conditions and their symptoms through a specific diet. Whether you’d like to lose weight, self-manage diabetes, lower blood pressure/cholesterol, or simply live a healthier lifestyle – I can help you achieve your goals. As part of the Nutrition Counseling service, I will assess your individual nutrition needs, provide education, talk strategy, and help you establish a plan to promote your body’s potential towards health, wellness and disease prevention.

This service can be provided in person, over video conferencing (Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts), or by phone.

 Grocery Store Tour


 Let’s take a trip to the store together! Ever get to the grocery store only to find yourself overwhelmed by the food options? Confused on the newest health foods and products? Wonder what to do with that odd looking vegetable? Have to shop for a newly diagnosed food allergy? Walk the store with me as I answer your food shopping questions and help fill your cart with  nutritious and delicious foods!


Group Presentations

Interested in a Lunch-n-Learn or Team Nutrition Workshop? Group nutrition brings colleagues/teammates together to help them support each other in making healthier choices. Presentations are custom-tailored to your requirements and needs of the group. Popular topics include; Eating for Good Health, Nutrition and Disease Prevention, Nutrition for Optimal Sports Performance, Portion Control, Fad Diets, and Healthy Snacks.